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15. Juli 2022
Dringend actie - DEADLINE 21 JULY

European Commission’s Public Consultation on the Sustainable Food Systems

The future of our food systems is at our hands!

Why? Because in the context of the Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Green Deal, the European Commission announced in 2020 that it aims at elaborating a “Sustainable Food Systems law”. The SFS Law has the potential to mark a turning point for EU food systems - which we urgently need to transition to environmental, social and economic sustainability - but the Commission’s proposal must be strong and ambitious in order to achieve this.


FIAN Belgium, ECVC en the Food Policy Coalition invite you to engage with the Public consultation on the Sustainable Food Systems framework initiative (SFS Law) by providing feedback to it on the EU Commission’s ‘Have your say’ website.

This consultation is particularly strategic. The replies to this consultation will be read and considered by the European Commission in the process of elaborating the textual proposal for the law, expected by the end of 2023. It is therefore a unique, and strategic opportunity for us to send the right signal to the EU decision makers, directly influencing the process of law-making towards the much needed transformation of the EU food systems-


How to participate?

It is open to everyone with internet access (not only EU-citizens), both as individuals and organizations or movements. It is available in the different official languages of the European Union. To participate follow this link to the EU “Have your say” website: Sustainable EU food system –new initiative 

Scroll down until you can click on the yellow button: Respond to the questionnaire.

Please note that you will need to create a profile on the EU profile to reply to the consultation, but no worries it is easy and straightforward and it will not take much time. You may need approximately 1h to respond the questionnaire. Ready?

Useful resources

In order to provide orientation to agrarian social movements and civil society organisations, FIAN and ECVC have joined forces to analyse the questionnaire and disseminate guiding responses, backed by an analytical document, where you will find the reasoning behind each response.

The questionnaire was analyzed with a human-right lens approach with particular emphasis on the Right to adequate and culturally appropriate Food and Nutrition but also to collective rights included in the UN Declaration of Peasants and Rural Workers.

In attachment you will find the following documents:

  1. EU legislative framework on Sustainable Food Systems : Why this public consultation matters
  2. FIAN_ECVC Orientative responses. This document combines ECVC (Yellow) and FIAN (Blue) chosen options in order to encourage diversity of replies. We provide you multiple option responses in each question in order to avoid identical submissions, which will not be considered by the Commission. So please take them as an inspiration in order to elaborate your own submission.
  3. Reasoning behind our responses to SFS Public consultation. This document aims to provide the key reflections FIAN and ECVC elaborated together in order to respond the questionnaire.
  4. Final statement with 5 main political asks based on a right-based analysis of the questionnaire. This is a document you can upload at the end of the questionnaire

Please make sure to always write free text answers in your own words. Any submitted responses that are identical will be counted by the European Commission as only one submission.


We are grateful for your support and remain at your disposal should you have any questions.

Keep up the good fight!