19 décembre 2023
La Via Campesina | Podcast

Boer·in·en Stemmen van La Via Campesina op Spotify

Op weg naar de 8e LVC conferentie !

Boer·in·en Stemmen van La Via Campesina : programma’s beschikbaar in het Frans, Engels en Spaans om de Verklaring van de Rechten van Boeren en Landarbeiders te ontdekken via de stemmen van degenen die het elke dag in praktijk brengen.

#1 Road to the 8th LVC International Conference

Explore the heart of the International Conferences of La Via Campesina, where voices unite, struggles converge, and a better world is shaped. Discover the history, purpose, and challenges of these gatherings as we build food sovereignty to secure a future for humanity.

With 7 conferences behind us, and the 8th on the horizon, we’ll take you through the essential topics, strategic lines, and new spaces in the upcoming conference in December 2023.


(26 oct. 2023 - 12 min) - The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP), adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2018, is a landmark declaration that recognises the rights of peasants and their unique relationship with nature. In this podcast, part one, we share key insights into the history, successes and challenges of UNDROP to raise wider awareness of this important tool and how we can use it. We believe that the more we share information about UNDROP in our communities, movements and with policy makers, the more it can protect us in legal and political channels.

This month, on 11 October, the United Nations Human Rights Council took a historic step by voting in favour of a resolution to establish a UN Working Group to focus on the effective implementation of UNDROP. This important victory for peasants will be discussed in part two of the podcast.

Episode 3 : At the earth of Food Sovereignty

Un voyage éclairant au cœur de la Souveraineté Alimentaire, qui explore comment ce concept, profondément enraciné dans notre histoire, peut offrir des solutions durables et résilientes pour un monde confronté à des défis sans précédent.

#4 : Unity in diversity, youth peasants change the world

In this new #8ConfLVC podcast episode, we take a compelling journey into the heart of the 8th International Conference of La Via Campesina, where the voices of youth peasants passionately discuss their commitment to building a sustainable future through Food Sovereignty. We explore the challenges they face, from battling climate crises to challenging harmful agricultural practices.

These young farmers are not just cultivating crops but cultivating change in the agricultural narrative. The episode highlights their struggles in accessing land, traditional seeds, and policy-making spaces, showcasing their resilience. United under the banner of La Via Campesina, they advocate for a more just world. Join us in the next episode as we delve deeper into stories and initiatives shaping the future of the global food system. Remember, unity in diversity, youth peasants change the world !✊✊✊

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